youscrobble (VEVO fix+ channels fix)

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Lukas Ha Scriptwright

I would like a Auto-Scrobble-Function.
The best solution would be if you make a AS-Mode.
So you can turn on this mode and youscrobble scrobbles automatic till you turn the mode off.
What do you think ?

Keenora Scriptwright

I think the problem is to identify a video as "song". And to find an algorithm for that is kinda impossible, because so many people are using other structures in their names and stuff. So I think not possible...

signalist Scriptwright

How about using Music Recognition Service like (or Tunatic...) for song identification. Those identify the song by sound, and shows results: artist, album, song.

When YouTube video is played, the voice recognition could identify the song and the scrobbler gets the tags.

Just an idea.

aL0k8r User

an auto-scrobble checkbox would be fantastic! (placed in the scrobble song info pop-up for convenience, perhaps...)