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Encyclopedia Dramatica version.. need help, please

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RazorXL Scriptwright

Hi Brent,
Nice script here, I've been using it for years and using Wikipedia on other people's computers without it is a freaky experience! I soon show them the better way!

A few times now I've visited a site called 'Encyclopedia Dramatica' (which is a funny and sarcastic online encyclopedia) and wished it had an inline article viewer, too. So tonight I set about modifying your script to work with ED.

I got it working, however there is a bug - not all articles load, many give an "Error loading" error.

I hope you don't mind - I posted the script here: and included in the description a bit about the bug. If you could, might you please take a look and see if you can suggest a solution?

You had 2 error checks in the script so I numbered the error msgs so I could identify which one I was encountering, and it was always the 2nd one. I tried troubleshooting but I'm not really that good at coding, but through the use of 'alert' msgs, I did figure out that instead of identifying a div html tag for the innerhtml content, it seems to return 'null'. FYI: I did change the link evaluation div id to "bodyContent" for the ED site.


By the way, on the page and in the script I have credited you with the original code that I used in the ED script but by all means if you do take a look at the issue and are able to get it working fully you can certainly take ownership of the script if you wish to. I can't even make heads or tails of half the code!