Quake Live New Alt Browser

By wn_ Last update Jan 1, 2014 — Installed 49,447 times.

New features

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CvX! Scriptwright

Hi there wn_. Thanks for your addon, it's really great! Anyway, I have added some new features to your Alt Browser, such as:
- checkbox to hide full and empty servers,
- modified filters so now you can specify which maps/locations/etc. you want exclusively (ie. only Aerowalk and /4 servers),
and other fixes and little tweaks.

You can see all changes here: http://github.com/CvX/Quake-Live-New-Alt-Browse...

Take a look and merge in any changes you want. See ya!

wn_ Script's Author

Sorry, I've been out of town the past few days and just noticed your modifications. Those are features I agree should be added. I'll (hopefully) start adding them tomorrow. Thanks!

Jawz User

Any way we could get public/private/invited games all showing in the same list? :)