Ikariam Manager

By bluesman Last update Dec 22, 2011 — Installed 47,831 times.


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aletsan User

Nice going bluesman.

I have some suggestions to make:

1. Make the script display from every page. For example it does not display in Military, Research and Diplomacy advisor pages.

2. Provide shortcuts to script tables from the top of the page, like Empire Board Shortcuts Addon, it really makes our life easier.

3. Your script does not display the resources that are being transfered. We could really use that feature.

4. Personally, I don't like the tables taking all the width, but it is very easy to change it to something like 1200 pixels - center position. I could suggest giving users option of wide tables or center position/1200-1300 pixels, but it doesn't really matter as long as we can tweak your script and make the changes ourselves.

5. And the most important thing:
In latest version, the original script introduced garbage collection for clearing out data memory. This has the effect of not saving multi-accounts data. I think this is very bad. I don't have multi-accounts in regular servers, but I do have 3 accounts in test server! With latest changes, I have to spend too much time updating views! SO PLEASE, DO NOT adapt this data clearing also.

Again, thank you very much for providing an alternative to the original script. And please consider my request to not adapt the garbage collection. I think that this way a lot of players will start using your script.

-ASLAN- Scriptwright

I strongly agree ^_^