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unable to install the script

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xuanjiangsara User

Just saw the video on youtube. I'm so excited to try it out.

But I can't get the script being installed on greasemonkey. I've tried other script on while the rest are OK.

So here's the problem:
When I click "install" button, it lasts unusally long time. Then a warning box jumps up, it goes like this:"
Error loading dependency
Error! Server Returned: 502: Proxy Error"

Then I can't find PictureSelector in my script library.
I thought maybe because the UI picture was missing. So I created a new script. Pasted the PictureSelector script in browser into the user created script. Addeding a "*" in script manager to make sure it works on all sites.

But I still can't see the flipbox. (while I'm browsing the exactly nasa page which in your video")

Right now I'm out of my wits. : (

xuanjiangsara User

HOLY MOLY! I can't believe my eyes how easier the script made my life.

Thank kfx666 the amazing magician(any geek who can code is a magician to me.)
plus tons of kisses our lovely red fox and greasey little monkey.
To all the devs out there: "how can the world live without you."