Flickr Photo Page Enhancer

By Jason Rhyley Last update Jul 19, 2010 — Installed 39,631 times.

Alas, this is broken with the new FLickr redesign

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brandobean User

Argh, my fave script, offering direct links to the various sizes of the photos is now broken on the new flickr redesign being rolled out this month. Any chance you could tweak your script. I'd donate!

Puffy Puffy User

I'd donate too!

Bryann User

I really wish this script still worked, too! Someone please fix. It is very valuable

Jason Rhyley Script's Author

If I were to fix this script, it would involve rewriting it from scratch; the changes to Flickr are that extensive. So, towards that goal, what exactly that was provided by this script do you feel is missing from the new flickr photo page? The ability to right-click on the photo to get links to all of the available sizes is already built in by Flickr. Do many people actually use the thumbnail link code?

Puffy Puffy User

For me I used it for the Links -> Original (which seem to not be available on most images now) mostly to get the full image directly.

decembre Scriptwright

Thanks , for your Update !
I see you return on your old love -Firefox and Greasemonkey.

Can you re-adds the useful link to TinEye (reverse image search engine)?

For information, i try to maintain a BIG list of script which can be compatible with this New Change, here :
Scripts List Compatible With The New Photo Page in Flickr Hack

rainscience User

it was really nice to have been able to click on, for example, "Original" link, which would lead directly to the original image, not to the page with All sizes. I usually used the Large and Original links.