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Safari 5

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TommyLino User

How to install the new script with Safari 5? (sorry for my english, i'm italian)
please rossy respond me.

rossy! Script's Author

I'm sorry, but Safari isn't exactly my area of expertise. Google returned this:
and it looks helpful, but I can't say whether it would be compatible with Safari 5.

Ulises Bojór... User

I made this safari extension using your script. It's pretty easy you don't have to change anything just using the extension creator in Safari developer menu and make it load after the page loads. The only thing odd is that in the Youtube home page it says that the plugin it's not compatible and I'm using the latest update of the script.

poffuomo User

great job Ulises :) so the extension works also if it says the plugin is not updated?

PS. the dropbox link doesn't work

Ulises Bojór... User

whoops! I delete it in a clean up of my dropbox folder, but here's the link again for anyone who's interested.

I made a slight modification so it won't show the incompatibility message, although it was running nicely even with that alert.

Chrome Dragon User

NinjaKit 0.8 is injecting this code into my Youtube windows now, though I get most of the way through stuffing this script into a Safari extension, I'm not sure if Apple makes you sign up to have your code signed so they can revoke malicious extensions.

We can either get Rossy! to do five minutes of signing up followed by dumping his code into Extension Creator, or someone else can figure out the process as it's 3:30 AM and Ninjakit is handling the task for the moment.

Schpaux User

Could you Ulises please make a small guide how you made the Safari extansion so I can build my own?