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Opera + Flash Player + right click = weird behavior

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m0viefreak User

I just upgraded to the newest flash player (

Now i get weird behavior in Opera:

After right clicking the player

- Left clicking page background (one or two times) makes opera go to previous page
- turning scroll wheel makes opera switch tabs

This can be resolved by right clicking in the page background. After that everything is back to normal.

Downgrading to flash 10.0
disabling YouTube Enhancer

both fix the problem.

Tried this with several opera versions (clean install). Same problem

So I don't know if this is the script's fault or the new flash player's (or combination)

I'd love to see this fixed, tho. since downgrading flash player is not an option considering the security flaws in the old version.

GIJoe Script's Author

I cannot reproduce what you have... (Test with "Flash" and "Opera 10.53")

Have you tried to clean your user profile in "Application Data/Opera" ?

m0viefreak User

Yes, like i said, did several clean opera installs (including clean profile).

Looks like somehow the right mouse button stays in pressed state.

And since Right button + wheel = scroll tabs and Right button + Left button = back
in opera this explains what happens.

Question is, what makes the right button state stay "pressed".

I'm not really sure if this means something but after spending some time going through the script source if found out that chaning YTE_FlushPlayer(player_name) to do nothing
function YTE_FlushPlayer(player_name) { }
the problem is gone.

GIJoe Script's Author

I don't know... did you try with an other mouse ?
if you clear the YTE_FlushPlayer, then the flash player is not refreshed... so some feature may not working.
Tried with Opera 10.54, still no issue for me.

m0viefreak User

Tried on many different computers now:
Windows XP 32bit + Flash + Opera 10.10/10.54/10.60
Windows 7 32bit + Flash + Opera 10.10/10.54/10.60
Windows 7 64bit + Flash + Opera 10.10/10.54/10.60

Same problem everywhere.

Then i tried in
Ubuntu + Flash
and everyhing looks fine.

Maybe this is a windows related issue of the new flash player.
Really weird, tho. No idea what else i could do (except not right clicking the player and live with it).

BTYuser User

Hi, I observed the same symptoms with the latest flash player ( on Windows XP with Opera 9.64 and on Ubuntu Lucid with Opera 10.60.
Right clicking starts the trouble. It looks like your right click is considered still active even though you have released it. So on your next left click Opera perceives left+right click, which seems to be a back command for Opera.

I haven't had time to check much further, but it seems to have appeared with the latest flash player version.

PS: I forgot to mention the important bit that I do not have Youtube Enhancer ;)