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stratocaster User

Hi! thanks for your script.
Is there a chance - in the future - to find a way in order to prevent that whatever private activity show up in the "top news" feed of our friends?
It would be fantastic! ;)

eyecatchUp Script's Author

Hi Stratocaster,
thanks for your feedback.

You mean such a messages like "Friend123 likes blablabla", or "Friend123 is now befriend with blablabla", do you?

I will check that and update the script asap.

stratocaster User

Hi! No problem. Thanks for replying!

Suppose that I am "Friend123" and I have in my list a friend called "X".

If Friend123 likes or comments on a public post (status/photo/link) of one of his friends, his recent activity will show up in the "top news" feed of X.

Is there a system to prevent that?

For example, is there a chance to make Facebook believe that I always delete my comments or appreciations (but it isn't true), so that they won't appear anymore in the newsfeed of my friends?

Thanks in advance! :-)

eyecatchUp Script's Author

Hi Startocaster.

Sorry, but it's not possible, what you're looking for. Using Greasemonkey scripts only effects the way YOU see the page. For this script for example the ads are still there - you just don't see them - eventhough they are still in the source code.

One possible solution would be you AND your friend are using the next version of this script (i am working on this right now.) It will block all system messages like "A likes SiteB" and so on. If both of you are using it, noone of you will see the activities of the other in the news stream.

But again: it is not possible to change the display of others! Only of how you get it displayed!

professor oak User

what do i have to delete in the script or do to see posts that have links in them and posts that come from the groups/pages i joined?

eyecatchUp Script's Author

hi professor oak,

to see those posts, you have delete the following lines:

        if (story_type == '12') = 'none';
        if (story_type == '21')       = 'none';

kind regards

Wombat_no_3 User

Any chance of you adding a way to block my friends gowalla notifications?