Survey Time [CLOSED]: Show Script Source

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Marti Scriptwright

Yansky wrote:
Did I win the car?
LOL Just a moment... you can watch while my people give it the final detailing. ;)

Matt K Scriptwright

Everything should be done to let people see the source, to encourage them to do so. +1

sine non qua User


Informed consent is best. Even non-JS fluency can pick out suspicious bits.

Marti Scriptwright

This is being discussed again at greasemonkey#1455 for updates.

Just so everyone is aware Anthony Lieuallen is up to his dirty tricks again by deleting posts. Archived maffs will be posted shortly of what he is censoring relevant to this issue. If you are curious and wish to view them use this addon to view them in Firefox/Seamonkey:

Most recently archived/restored is now first.

See also this topic

IzzySoft Scriptwright

I meanwhile replaced Greasemonkey with Scriptish. You may want to check that addon. When clicking on some user.js, the source is always displayed completely in the browser window. Not sure about how updates are handled, didn't investigate that (just switched over a couple of days ago).