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By mlevit Last update Dec 15, 2011 — Installed 35,925 times.


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b2b User

Hi, could you update your script for the new YT layout, please? I find it really useful.

And while we're at it, I have a little problem: I have 1000+ videos in favorites, so the search takes way too long (30 seconds, as it has to charge the whole video list). Could you optimize this process, please?

Keep up the good work!

mlevit Script's Author

@b2b Unfortuntely because YouTube has no inbuilt functionality to allow the search I have to load all videos. The process of eliminating the videos that don't match your search query is very quick (under 1 second) but loading all your videos takes a long time.

I've updated the script to now work again with the new YouTube. I'll have a look at the script and see if I can do something to make the search faster.

Thanks for the feedback.

mlevit Script's Author

@b2b I have updated the script to include a much faster search. Please update your version to 1.00b. If you find any defects please let me know.