GMail "Send From" Auto Selector

By Shaun Grady Last update Apr 2, 2012 — Installed 7,706 times.


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jfabrizio User

The script is just what I needed!!

I have only some problems under Ubuntu. Does the script depend on the version of Firefox installed?

Thank you in advance.


Shaun Grady Script's Author

What are the problems? Can you describe them?
I don't have an Ubuntu installation, so I can't test it.

jfabrizio User

I open Firefox>Tools>Error Console
And I read this error

to.classList is undefined
.../component/ [line 426]

jfabrizio User

I resolve in this way

1) I updated fir3efox with latest version
2) I installed the plugin in original status
3) I modified the plugin

Thanks. The plugin is lovely.

I have opened a task discussion in gmail suggestions where I have asked to add this features in gmail labs.

Insomniac_va... User

I tried without success as well. I am using Firefox with ubuntu 10.04.

What should I put if I want to set in such a way that if I use computer A to send to all receipts, it should use "send from" my work.

If I use Computer B to send, it should use "send from" my personal account. How should I put such as "to:*" in gmail??