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iwishiwascool Scriptwright

Is there some way to make the script work automatically without having to use the control key? Thanks.

slow! Script's Author

Download the script and choose "toggle automatic operation" from the grease monkey user script menu.

decembre Scriptwright

Yes , but can we set it for only some site?

It's a terrific tool for Flickr Pool , i have just a strange effect in the first page , but after it's very fine :
The result is a double thumbnail by each page!.

And with this extension:
AutoPager[XPI] , my screen is an enormous thumbnail.

The best is that it let my others scripts alive....

I must test it more , but Thanks again for this work!

Ps: it's my first Wide Screen and i was not totally certain of the advantage to use it with some site not optimized for wide screen...

slow! Script's Author

To set it for only some sites I suppose you would configure grease monkey under "Manage User Scripts", by adding to the lists for "Excluded Pages" and "Included Pages." And then also set this script, as I describe above, to operate automatically.

I'm not sure what a "Flickr Pool" is but I've seen images on Flickr and they already seem to be columnated. I didn't see any double thumbnails so I'm not sure what that effect is.

I don't use Autopager, but I presume you mean autopager and Flickr together.

Not sure how it lets your other scripts "alive."