City of Ash - CASPER V2.0 (TM)

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autobuy props

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GasGrassOrArse User

I cant get it to buy 10 x

it only buys single props which is a real bugger!

Scripts Script's Author

Because of a lack of any real interest, and the fact that for whatever reason I am unable to effectively play the game (everything is messed up display-wise when I play), there has been no real development on this script in a long time.

I did "test" it enough to determine that it apparently isn't picking up all the info it needs to make a proper decision on buying property -- which is why it's only buying 1 at a time.

Recently, over the last month or so, a few people have shown that this script is still being used. So it has come back on my 'radar'. I hope to get to looking into and fixing this problem sometime soon, but there are other projects that need to take priority (there are so few playing City of Ash....)

GasGrassOrArse User

lol. I understand that you are a busy person and that the game is not really attracting the hoardes as mafia and mob wars do.

With all teh faceache changes there must be so many alterations to the various scripts just to keep them functional, without addressing new issues lol.

When (if) you get to it then thats great, just wanted to put my hand up as a currently (sort of) active player (in between my recent computer temp issues due to 99% humidity and 30-35c days as well as 25-30c nights.