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Getting rid of and

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I know that I will never want or need to use or How can I get rid of " (CA | UK)" in the bar and make it simply display ""?

I've tried hacking the script but frankly I've no idea WTH I'm doing.

Vaughan Chan... Script's Author

Hi, I've changed the code so much in preparation for the next release that I can't even remember if the current version provides an easy way to do this.

But, if you look for the following line of code:

case 'amazon': s = s + makeMultiEngine('amazoncom,amazonca,amazonuk'); break;

and change it to:
case 'amazon': s = s + makeMultiEngine('amazoncom'); break;

it should work. Or it may break the script, I haven't really looked into it much, and I haven't tested it.

I'm trying to release a long-overdue update soon, which will greatly improve customization and give you an easy way to handle changes like this.


That works, but it leaves the parens, making it display " ()". I appreciate the reply however, and look forward to the upcoming release. Thank you very much once again.