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White / No Field

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tonnyrat User

I keep getting a white field using the newest Replay Rewrite script. Doesn't matter if it's a custom field or default field, nothing is there and default field button doesn't work. Any ideas? FF 3.6, newest versions of all sub scripts.

Coach Tabales User

Same thing with me. I have FF 3.6, all I get is a white screen where the field would be.

pabst Script's Author

Appears to be specific to 3.6. It's reporting the image addresses in a slightly different format so, in effect, the field image doesn't exist. It should be fixed now.

Coach Tabales User

It appears so. I just checked and it seems to be working fine. The only thing I noticed is that the update thing on the bottom reads like this:

Replay Rewrite : 10.01.31c (10.01.31 available)
First Down Lines : 09.12.08 (09.09.05 available)

If I get the most recent updates, it's still there. It's not stopping anything from working. It all works fine apparently.

pabst Script's Author

type about:config in the location bar
the type pbr in the filter box
you'll see a bunch of variables like this: greasemonkey.scriptvals.pbr/some script name
delete the ones that are stuck