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By Vaughan Chandler Last update Jan 14, 2009 — Installed 49,104 times.

Can not add some sites

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Eiki User

First I want to say that this script is one of the best that I ever have used, extensions included. But...

I want to have Boxofficemojo as an included site in the "movie bar" so I easily can look at how much the movies have grossed when I search in IMDB. But that is not working. The site disappear everytime I save and close, even in the field in "Configuration" the _boxofficemojo_ disappear. There have been the same result with other sites too.

And there is problem removing some sites, like Fandango.

Please try to solve the problems to make this little wonder even better.

Eiki User

One more thing I tried:
I tried to make a _flixster2_ in the General Search and when I swaped at IMDB, it worked. The Flixster2 was there. But it didn't work when the _flixster2_ was in the Movies Search.

Eiki User


I did some changes in the Movies Search bar, saved, closed and then reopened the customization popup. Everything was OK. But when I did the search at IMDB, the changes disappear.

Vaughan Chan... Script's Author

Hi Eiki,

I'm almost finished working on the next release .I was actually hoping to release it last month but didn't get to finish it, so now I'm trying to finish it within the next week or two. That release will fix that bug, and will also make the script more customizable.