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Special characters

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Tarja The Witch Scriptwright

I'm just wondering if special symbols are processed correctly with your localization. I mean symbols that are written as ß, ä and so on.

May be it would be better to put them as is at your PC and then to save the file in UTF8 encoding before posing to

DerWoNetDaIst Script's Author

in html are äüöß not correct shown
? ? (its shown as a "?", if i don't use &szlig: and so on)
<html> ß ä (in running antigame script)</html>

Tarja The Witch Scriptwright

I guess this is because your script is not in UTF8 format.

I doubt it that functions based on string comparison (such as DF calculation from the spy report, mission highlighting) work correctly with such pieces of text.

Tarja The Witch Scriptwright

I was told that ES translation didn't work correctly due to special characters.
The problem disappeared after replacing stuff like & szlig ; with original symbols.

It would be better to do the same with DE translation. At least for LabelsDE part of it.
I'd recommend you to use Notepad++ editor for this purpose (it can convert the file into UTF-8).

DerWoNetDaIst Script's Author

ok, done :)

WhiteScripter Scriptwright

ich spiele zwar kein OGame mehr, aber erfahrungsgemäß geht auch sehr gut folgendes:
// Umlaute
var ae = "\u00E4"; var oe = "\u00F6"; var ue = "\u00FC";
var Ae = "\u00C4"; var Oe = "\u00D6"; var Ue = "\u00DC";
var sz = "\u00DF";

Und dann "Gro"+sz+"er Transporter" statt "Großer Transporter" schreiben.