Operation: De-Junk Myspace

By camdo2 Last update May 22, 2010 — Installed 2,041 times.

Can you get rid of the other junk too?

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Like the things on the main home page such as people you may know, virtual gifts, the music module and all that useless stuff? Also would be nice to get rid of the stupid apps and birthday sections as well, seeing as how I know the birthdays of my friends and could give a crap less about everyone elses. Just an idea.

camdo2 Script's Author


I am updating your home page right now. If you want to clean your friend's profiles, I recommend this script:

It works fine and why program something that is already done?

I took out the birthdays and stuff, do you want the bullitens and activity stream, etc. gone too?

camdo2 Script's Author

Update to the new version to get this update. I really appreciate feedback because I don't know what is useful to some people and isn't. I try to be hesitant in deleting anything.