Facebook Requests in New Window

By Johnlo Last update Nov 23, 2009 — Installed 3,151 times.

New FB Requests page?

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brray1 User


FB just change the way you accept gift and of course now nothing works right. I use your script all the time and love it. I have friends that also use it and they are asking me if you will have a fix for this new fb request page.

it looks like what ever they did i can't open any gift in a new page.


angelarwyn User

I am having the exact same problem. It was fine yesterday. Now I have to do everything in one window. I might end up pulling my hair out!

brray1 User

Yeah. I really need a program that works for opening requests in new tab or windows. If you know of one I would love to know were to get it. I'm so mad at FB.

Johnlo Script's Author

I updated it for the new FB method. Hopefully it works correctly for all request types. So far it is working for me. Please let me know if there are any troubles.

Sadie User

Working great for me!! Love when you guys show up FB LOL Thanks for all your work!!!

AmandaKerik Scriptwright

Another update is needed (as I mentioned on another thread... I know it's bad to cross post the same thing, but I'd really like to see this updated)... Thank you SOOO much for this script!