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Start/Stop PictureSelector

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simon! Scriptwright

a feature which (before the main function of the script starts) will ask the user to start the "main function".

see Server Index Image Viewer.

test Server Index Image Viewer at (which is today located here)

kfx666 Script's Author

Yes, absolutely.
I had this in mind, too. Thanks for your contribution, once again :)
Also useful could be "View original" to get back to the unprocessed version. Or being able to disable / enable the picture, movie and gallery mode separately in the options.
Or maybe even a mode which leaves the page intact and just turns the images into buttons. Color themes will come, too :)
I'll try to do all of this, at the moment I spend a lot of time improving this script :)

simon! Scriptwright

did you added this "Start/Stop" feature? I saw a black rectangle, I clicked on it, the main function started, and after all that I couldn't see this anymore?

Yup, I found it.

Go to about:config search for greasemonkey.scriptvals.PictureSelector32/Picture Selector 3.2.psAlwaysPic double click on it to set it to false

a table...

<tr><th>greasemonkey.scriptvals.PictureSelector32/Picture Selector 3.2.psAlwaysPic</th>
<th>user set</th>
greasemonkey.scriptvals.PictureSelector32/Picture Selector 3.2.psAlwaysPic | user set | boolean | true
edit: same for the following entries:
Gal -- greasemonkey.scriptvals.PictureSelector32/Picture Selector 3.2.psAlwaysGal
Mov -- greasemonkey.scriptvals.PictureSelector32/Picture Selector 3.2.psAlwaysMov
Pic -- greasemonkey.scriptvals.PictureSelector32/Picture Selector 3.2.psAlwaysPic

Thank you very much, kfx.

simon! Scriptwright

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kfx666 Script's Author

You're very welcome, Simon! :)
I'm happy somebody talks to me here, lol :) To see feedback. That's cool ;)