How to make a script?

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mostwanted User

I would really like to know, I'm a bit interested in scripts, I just need some advice on how to start.

Adrian Scriptwright

Just download a simple script from this site that you like and play around with it until it does something cool. Hopefully you know at least a little bit of JavaScript, but there are plenty of websites out there that will teach you how, just google it! A good reference website out there is Mozilla's Core JavaScript 1.5 Reference in case you need to know more specifics about global functions or object methods. A good place for reading about GM-specific things, check out Dive Into Greasemonkey and the Greasemonkey wiki.

vOidSenses Scriptwright

also that a look at W3schools references, not just for javascript, but for everything you might use in your script (CSS, DOM, xpath, HTML, etc)

TaeBoX Scriptwright Good reference site.