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Seller help for GB

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clueboymcp User

I was looking for a script to help me as a seller on gunbroker, and came across this one. It looks like you have tons of talent. If you could build a script to export the winning bidder's address info into's site, that would be awesome.
I am not sure it is possible since GB does not identify the address fields very well in their code, but maybe it is.
Even if it just took the info from your clipboard and pasted it into the correct fields, that would be a huge time saver.

vbrtrmn Script's Author

Will be adding support, probably next month for USPS's Click-N-Ship product.

clueboymcp User

Gunbroker has updated their code, and now has identifiers for the buyer and seller address fields. Any chance of getting this added so it will port into UPSP click-n-ship?