Monopoly City Street TOOLS

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valc93 Scriptwright

Well, this script has been awesome so far...and especially the new update which helped me a lot with autobuilding. =D thx

anyways, i just wanted to suggest some features...for example:
1.the jump to feature in MCS Bot is very useful....a button that can take me to a free spot. This I really need because when i get a bonus building i have to scroll a lot to find a free spot.
2.the clear street button from MCS Bot....this is awesome. I know you added a simple one click button to sell buildings but a mass seller is awesome too. It helped me clear a street i was about to sell.
3.the chat made by nick...i have never used it but i think it might be helpful...heres the code i have of it:


4.maybe add the zoom from nick might be helpful:


note: the zoom is supposed to go back to normal if you put 17 were the 15 are.
not tested yet.

I think those are it....