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Fluid Support?

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Adam Kramer Scriptwright


I am having a bit of trouble using this script with Fluid; it mostly works, but the right side bar does not hide the highlights section, or the suggestions section properly.

Any idea why this is?


Vaughan Chan... Script's Author

I've never used Fluid (or even seen it) so I'm not sure why it isn't working. Since it uses WebKit, and I'm assuming it has a decent JavaScript engine, my best guesses would be:
1. Some other script or extension is interfering, or:
2. Facebook is serving it a slightly different page cause its not one of the major browsers (Fluid supposedly has a built-in user agent switcher so you can test that theory easily)

If I get a chance to do some testing on a Mac I'll see if I can install Fluid and try it out.

That said, its nice to hear about another browser that Facebook Fixer at least partially runs in :)

Vaughan Chan... Script's Author

Hmm... I just noticed which script you commented on, I'm so accustomed to the comments being on Facebook Fixer. Did you comment on the right one? Your message seems to fit in very well with Facebook Fixer.