Gmail Show Details (DEPRECATED)

By mathmike Last update Jul 7, 2011 — Installed 10,761 times.

Other languages in Gmail settings?

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beq User

Thanks for this great script. It works fine for me when Gmail/Google Apps is set to English (US) or English (UK). But it does not seem to work with a few other Gmail display languages that I've tried, such as Spanish or Indonesian.

Does the script rely on parameters that are inherently English-only?

mathmike Script's Author

My script checks to make sure that the button it clicks on says "show details", which is obviously English-dependent. This is a safety feature, to make sure it doesn't accidentally click "delete" if Gmail decides to change the structure of the page.

If you modify the script to replace the text "show details" with "mostrar detalles", then the script works in the Spanish version. You could also remove that if statement entirely and it should work on any language, but that would remove the safety feature.