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By Julien Gilles Last update Aug 17, 2009 — Installed 9,179 times.

Permission to include this in Better GReader?

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Gina Trapani Scriptwright


I'm the author of the Better GReader Firefox extension, and I was wondering if I might include this excellent user script into the extension--with full credit and attribution to you, of course.

A user requested it:

The extension is here:

Thanks for considering it!

Julien Gilles Script's Author

Yes, no problem.

You mention that my code isn't explicitly licensed for reuse ; indeed I never thought about it... What kind of licence suits you best ? is GPL ok ?

Gina Trapani Scriptwright

Awesome, thank you!

I do prefer the GPL license, but some people like open licenses without any stipulations (like the GPL's "share-alike" requirement). Ultimately it's up to you... here's a little something I wrote about this: