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Fail with multiple pages

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Erik Vold Scriptwright


I love the script, and have been using it for awhile now, I just hit 2 pages of scripts though, with 31 userscripts, and when I go to page 2, everything is mega negative, the when I flip back to page one it is mega positive.

As a quick fix I figure that you could disable this userscript from eexecuting on any page where the param exists and is not equal to 1.

sdfghjklkjhg... Scriptwright

Was about to report this
but it already has been
best method would be to store a json and use the script id and the install post and fan in it
see how I used it there
Mindeye Script's Author

@sdfghjklkjhgfds sdfghjiuytr: It does that already (check the script source). The problem is that it "forgets" about page 1 when the user goes to page 2, etc... I'll update it to address this problem.