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Curambar User

Just a question. Is there a way to do something similar to "Onemanga Helper"? This is, putting all the images of a chapter into one single page, so you can read all of them just scrolling down.
If it's a hard thing to do, how can I try to do it? I don't know a lot of js, but I know a thing or two of C++...

knaces Script's Author

Probably a few ways to do it but the easiest to do is just create a iframe for each image. Shouldn't be too hard to do. This script does that for prefetching so you can see an example of how it's down in javascript.

So basically:
1) get all the image links or easier, page links from the drop menu, into an array

2) clear/clean the page to fit the style you want the new layout to be

3) create a iframe image for each item in the array placed horizontally or vertically

*Note: Make sure you contain the entire script with a if( top == self ) {} so the script only runs once on the main page and not every time a iframe loads a new page.

//Basically something like this:
if( top == self )
//code for main page
//code for page in iframe (if you use page links, you can use this section to clean up the page)

Overall, shouldn't be too hard especially if you use other scripts as examples (other then the iframe for the prefetching, my script won't help you out too much though). If you can't figure it out, I can create a simplistic script for you that does the basics.

P.S. Javascript syntax, as you may notice, is pretty close to c++ so you probably manage pretty well as long as you know the api and javascript syntax you need.
(most of the usefull stuff will be under the (DOM document Reference")

knaces Script's Author

Well, i messed around with it a bit and created my own version. It's still far from complete but it the basics plus some extra stuff. You can use it as an example (might be a bit more complex but the code should be easy to read) or finish it though there are issues with the script.

I'll upload the script later on my account. The < code > seems to strip tabs which makes the code harder to read and I don't like to upload unfished code. I'll work on it a bit more to get a basic script out (current works but issues to deal with)