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Instructions for a Mac user?

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Steve James User

I'm completely new to GreaseMonkey for Firefox and was curious on how to get your script to work with Google Voice and Growl. I installed the Firefox plugin you linked to and installed Growl 1.1.5. Finally, I installed the script.

Things look to be in place, but I'm not sure what's supposed to happen at this point!



brian dunnin... Script's Author

you have to have a dev build of Growl on the Mac - v1.1.5 doesnt have the GNTP support built into it yet. see the second post in this thread ( for information.

alternatively, you can use this userscript ( that works with Growl/Mac, but you have to run it via Fluid and not Firefox or Safari.

Peter Wooley Scriptwright

You sir, rock. I still don't have a Google Voice account, but I was searching all over for some documentation on interacting with Growl/GNTP through Greasemonkey and your script was the ticket. Thanks!


brian dunnin... Script's Author

@Peter - if you use the Greasemonkey-Growl/GNTP interaction to write some cool website notification scripts, make sure to post about them in the Growl for Windows discussion forum: - i would love to hear about them!

Chris James ... Scriptwright

Hello Mac users! I've written a script for Fluid that does growling and dock icon badge updating, I'd encourage you to checkout growl and for a shiny mac experience.