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Jakub Sypiański User

The script is amazing, but I strongly need access to the Wikipedia in other languages. Is it possible to switch on the list? I tried this:

// Show a selection list of all alternate language versions of any document
// Wikipedia specific
if (GM_getValue('international') == undefined) {
// anything but ''
GM_setValue('international', 'yes');

But it didn't work. Big thanks for help (in advance)!

Grant Stavely Script's Author

A few people have asked for this one, sorry it took so long!

I fixed the error in the function for you so that it actually jumps to the page. I'm not happy with how it looks, but it seems functional to jump to any available alternate language version of a given article.

Grant Stavely Script's Author

Looks like it doesn't work so well in Webkit browsers. I'll continue tweaking.