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Marti Scriptwright

vOidSenses wrote:
i can't find a link for it anywhere
LOL They've changed it a bit. Just start typing in the "I suggest you..." text box and it will come up. I guess this is a way to eliminate duplicates in case someone else has already made the suggestion. :)

Tim Smart Scriptwright

@L2lover: You were probably meaning to post that in the Mafia Wars bot script forum:

raegx Scriptwright

Would be nice if a change log could be added.

I do not know how you are handling the back end, but I am pretty sure you could just run a local git repository for reach script and use that for versioning. That would give you diff ability, commit logs, etc w/o doing any back end work yourself other than integration code. This would also give script writes a possible future at having direct repository access to said git repos?

There is also the possibility you have requirements that this type of solution would not be suitable for.

Either way, thanks for the site and all you/your teams work!

Scott Steiner Scriptwright

Would be nice if we could remove intermediate versions when only small changes are made (fix typos, etc)

Avindra V.G. Scriptwright

Scott Steiner wrote:
Would be nice if we could remove intermediate versions when only small changes are made (fix typos, etc)

+1, The best thing would be if not to allow deletion, to allow hiding versions.

GIJoe Scriptwright

All change that are published must be show, not hidden or deleted.
There must be a confirm button to publish a script after a diff preview.

Lil Devil Scriptwright

GIJoe wrote:
... diff preview.
Now there's a feature I'd like to see!

timendum Scriptwright

+1/2 for diff preview (i do it on my pc)
+1 for "remove intermediate versions"

and i would like a better diff, i'm not a guru, but i think it should find move instead of marking "remove" and "add" of the same code some lines under.
es: at the bottom.

wildman1069 Scriptwright

can you make this work on myspace koc thanks

takhisis Scriptwright

I have installed the latest version and still getting the resend. This is no good for me when it happens halfway through the night and then stops barbing. Please advise what can be done urgently

w35l3y Scriptwright

someone here have a sign that says "user" on the forehead

ryanb Scriptwright

diffs rock. thank you!

humpakistani User

me new here and i also want to write some script me nadia

Alexandre Magno Scriptwright

I want to erase some older versions. An older version of my script is with buggy characteres and I don't want these diff.

Gabyta User

Always use this script and working demo of wonders but unfortunately now is not working, if there are any recent update that works?

grey skull Scriptwright

can somebody look into my script and tell me why it did not detect for new update. The script was overwritten from the original script. also having problem with it in chrome, it did not show the name and version of the script when installed.

jazzer Scriptwright

It would be really great if I could add a comment for each "commit" and it would be visible in the version/diff page.
Having diff is great, but the comment will describe the purpose of a change.
Version/diff page is a kind of version control system, and all such systems have an option to add a comment for a commit.

ESPN Author ... User

You guys should add like what the moderators have

Add like a tab for Spam, Ban User, Unban User.

Here is what the moderators have for it.
· Like · Reply · Quote · Flag (1) · Edit · Feature · Reset · Approve · Spam · Ban User · Gag User

Maybe add something that could tell you who flagged it or liked it. Idk if you can do that but it would be awesome

Thanks for this script too. It works like a charm

spiikki sill... Scriptwright

What I'd like to see is a easy branching tool for modifying other users scripts, in public. So if you make a branch, it is visible (and installable) under your own scripts and also listed as branched version on original script version history.

Timid Script Scriptwright

-Ability to delete specific version uploads. If not delete then ability to hide them from listing, and with press of button they appear. I had to reupload a script simply because I forgot to update the version number ><

-Version number beside listing as well as date. Date alone is useless

Marti Scriptwright

Timid Script wrote:
I had to reupload a script simply because I forgot to update the version number ><
Everyone does that occasionally including myself... no one is perfect and trying to make the illusion that one is... is well... delusional. :) Besides with GM updating changing the @version is currently what triggers a new update to be found during an update check interval.

Timid Script wrote:
If not delete then ability to hide them from listing, and with press of button they appear.
There isn't a SCM on the planet that hides commits and USO shouldn't be the first to encourage this sort of malware behavior. SCMs exist to give a complete historical account of what has happened... Accountability and transparency is preferred. Write a user.js for yourself if you are interested in censoring the facts.

If it is ever seriously considered the comment I made here may still be an agreeable solution I think, to smudging up the truth.


Timid Script wrote:
Version number beside listing as well as date.
  • Have you tried this script and/or making suggestions to him?
  • Have you tried this script and perhaps changing your publishing habits to help assist you in time of need?
  • EDIT: Added this optional functionality to this script

Timid Script Scriptwright

The hidden can be a settings options that is setup according to the each users preferences. I mean I uploaded a script on the wrong script page and now it just listed as a version of a script that has nothing to do with it.

I would like to hide some of the files listing not from anyone else just from me, so I do not have to parse through the erroneous garbage. The un-hide button can be right there, in the middle of the version page. So nothing is really hidden, just not shown by default.

I can understand security issues but really once the harm is done, a little too late.

As to the links. lol I never ever look at script for userscripts, never crosses my mind. Don't know why. Only script I downloaded for it is the one you suggested before ("Userscript Comments Fix"). Useful :)

Just tried the link provided "Userscripts : Script Version". I don't version can be extracted without downloading the script. Will give a suggestion and see the reply. Thanks :)

Menixator Scriptwright

I think it’d be good to have a feature to remove the version.

trespassersW Scriptwright

Fully agreed with the previous post, the opportunity to delete worthless or shameful version should exist.