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By elzr Last update Jan 17, 2010 — Installed 8,092 times.

Great but...

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poboxy User


thanks for this cool script, but I had to disable it because it causes a little but annoying problem; it tends to widens the titles of posts, as GM scripts work only after the whole page is downloaded, I can see the links but suddenly it widens and the line I was reading is dropped south, after a while I cannot stand it anymore.

So if you can manage to make it right I will be grateful.

elzr Script's Author

Hi poboxy,

Thanks for your comment.

As you said, this is a common problem to Greasemonkey scripts.
In the final version I decided to take the loss of a couple of extra pixels here and there for padding and margin, because they give the backbars precious breathing room around the headlines.

But here's a version for those willing to have tight backbars in exchange of a perfectly stable layout.

Hope this helps.

poboxy User

Excellent, thanks a lot :)