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Philipino2009 User

still getting this error. can we put this url in the add-on? when it comes up, the script cannot recover.

TC007 User

indeed - this should be added.

In fact why don't we have another box where we can add out own :-P

remarkable Scriptwright

hey there rocket surgeons:
Visible Behavior Preferences
What order should things be visible:
Use the alert prompt for entering captchas:Yes No
Show captcha image in status window and prompt: Yes No
Status window on the side, or on top? (currently does NOT function)Top Side
Add 'Add Facebook Friend' link to all mobs shown on home page? Yes No
Add 'Add Facebook Friend' link to all mobs shown on fight page? Yes No
Display mobster when paused and script wants to perform an action: Yes No
Ad window horizontal or vertical? Vert Horiz
Adjust main screen position to avoid anything being hidden? Yes No
Display mob status? (basically just for diagnostics at this time) Yes No
Place Bank Deposit button on status window: Yes No
Place Heal button on status window: Yes No
Display your bounty value in the status screen: Yes No
Display experience needed to level-up in the status screen: Yes No
Display PopUp help screens: Yes No
On FaceBook error, reload MobWars? Yes No
Did you happen to notice the last option on this list?

sarcasticly ... User

I am getting an error that is interrupting service too. I use and reload every 15 minutes just as a precaution.

Scripts Script's Author

Yea... I know this functionality is missing from the AddOn version (even though the option is there, it doesn't actually function on the addon version)... I'm correcting that as I type (well, basically :) ). It will be fixed in the next version.

Priesy User

Hopefully with MWCaptcha back as well eh Scripts ;)

TC007 User

@remarkable - hey there condescending idiot

I did, it's set and it doesn't work.....

Philipino2009 User

Yeah, remarkable, doesn't work for that specific url, but does for the error you are talking about. This is a DIFFERENT error. It might be caused by heavy load on their servers, etc. Doesn't always happen, but when it does it BREAKS

sarcasticly ... User

I reiterate that if you use sitereloader it stops you from this and any new error page that might happen in the future.

mwah User

is sitereloader faster than firefox

bob1234 User

sitereloader is a website that realoads other websits you need ie or ff to use it!

Priesy User

Does the reload every add-on work with this ?
I haven't seen this error myself yet

artful_dodger User

sitereloader is great, i use it to attack people that i know i can get really good exp from and set it to every 2 minutes, one guy had a health bot turned on through the night, i got a few hundred attacks on him while i slept.

Gimpy User

the addon should work pertty good.

sarcasticly ... User

I use multi-monitors and I liek to have a long vertical browser open loaded to to watch who's attackign me and update it every 30s.

Treez User

imgetting that error alot also

mwah User

ump to the b