Endless Tweets

By Mislav Marohnić Last update Oct 30, 2009 — Installed 217,003 times.

Not working?

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Bill Mill Scriptwright

The script's not been working for me for a few days now; it's not paging and it's not showing the most recently read tweet. Anybody else seeing that?

ckolderup Scriptwright

It's broken for me too. The error is as follows:

Error: Unsupported type for GM_setValue. Supported types are: string, bool, and 32 bit integers.
Source File: (profile_path)/gm_scripts/endless_tweets/endless_tweets.user.js
Line: 4294967055

looks like GM_setValue is trying to be what appears to be whatever Javascript's version of a function pointer is, so that seems strange. (sorry, I'd help out more but I don't know much about Javascript)

Mislav Marohnić Script's Author

You, dear gentlemen, have just witnessed the Twitpocalypse.

It's due to Greasemonkey. I'll try to work around it

ckolderup Scriptwright

Oh, duh! I can't believe I didn't make that connection in my mind with the timing of when it stopped working. I blame it on only using this script during the week. Thanks for jumping on it! Let us know if you need us to help elevate the issue with the Greasemonkey team if you're stuck until they do something about it.

Mislav Marohnić Script's Author

Fixed in 0.9.9, please try it out :) thanks

ckolderup Scriptwright

Looks great on Firefox 3.5 RC1 on Mac and Windows. Thanks!

Alan Choo-Kang User

Yes working for me again now. Firefox, Vista. Thanks for the update