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simon! Scriptwright

So far it works on Epiphany on both Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex; Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope; Fedora 11 etc. (in short: Epiphany / GNOME)

You might want to add this fact to your script's information page (About)

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Hey simon! Thanks!

simon! Scriptwright

you're welcome :D
and ((please)) add the following tags:

epiphany, fedora, gecko, gnome, gtk, ubuntu, xfce


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You bet.

simon! Scriptwright

You won't believe this... you support WebKit :D

tested on Midori/0.1.7 (X11; Linux i686; U; en-us) WebKit/532+, a few moments ago
and it works even better (with the adobe plug-in - non free)

new tags: midori, webkit

I moved to Ubuntu 8.10 since there was a virus attack on my [vista] laptop.

GNOME is cool, Ubuntu is SUCK (especially 9.04 - super too much bloated) >>> XFCE is AWESOME

I'll move to Fedora (with XFCE) within the next 6 month at the most!

Epiphany + Midori = FTW!

resources are precious! - I have a Dual 3.00GHz and 5.3GB RAM << waaaayy too muuuuuuch but imho XFCE is better than GNOME (I tried xUbuntu (ubuntu... bah!) two days ago... and I LOVED it)

btw, I was kicked from the Ubuntu Forums (after my VERY significant contribution!) and google tried to censor the new little trick by referring to the last comment (the MOST irrelevant one...) but now they put this topic (from the beginning) at the top 8 to 9
simon! Scriptwright

Screenshots from Midori...

Screenshot_Adobe_Midori-1.png (95 KB)

Screenshot_Adobe_Midori.png (297 KB)


edit: title updated, added Midori
see also: Linux Outlaws Forums • FlashBlock for Midori (WebKit)
simon! Scriptwright

Put the following description (unless you have a better one) on this page under the UserScripts section:

You can use [[|BlockFlash2]] as a user script which "Replaces" Flash individual flash elements with a button that says [Play Flash].

I can't edit what I already did :S