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By Mislav Marohnić Last update Oct 30, 2009 — Installed 217,036 times.

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mike cupcake Scriptwright

Changing this is a bit cheeky I reckon. The script is tweaks to twitter.com, not a interface in its own right.

Mislav Marohnić Script's Author

In my point of view, it's not important if the Twitter client is made on the web, the desktop or is simply an OAuth app allowed to post updates. Endless Tweets, like you pointed out, is only an extension of the existing web interface, but I wouldn't think of it less because of that. It's growing in usefulness and features, and "from Endless Tweets" in people's updates ensure that their friends notice they're not using plain ol' web, but something more.

Alan Choo-Kang User

I don't think it's that cheeky. I know ET is an addition rather than a completely new client, but why shouldn't it advertise itself a little.

No Nay Never User

How to change this? I mean.. i appreciate the effort you put into the script, but you should've made it clearer to the users what the script did, and maybe provide an easy way to opt-out.

This just feels like the forced hotmail quotes on every email, and even Microsoft got rid of those.

Mislav Marohnić Script's Author

Opting out coming in the next version.

themiddleman Scriptwright

next version!? goody! Let me know if you want any help.