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By Vaughan Chandler Last update Jan 14, 2009 — Installed 10,825 times.


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esquifit Scriptwright

Nice work. I tested the script only briefly and it does a good job. However, I came up to a couple of annoyances that could easily solved:

1) When using some extension that inserts elements into the content page (for example "It's all text", which adds a tiny icon to the button left corner of every text area), the chrome:// resources are being also picked up by the script. I think "file:" and "chrome:" should be discarded, or alternatively, only "http:", "https:" and "ftp:" should be allowed. Not sure about the latter, since there are some other protocols like "git:" that could potentially be useful.

2) In Google Images, the script captures the whole url of each image, including the redirection step to the Google server that generates the thumbnail. It would be better if it stripped the redirection part. I'm already using a userscript that does exactly this, namely Johan Sundström's "Drop link indirection level" [s:1897]

Vaughan Chan... Script's Author

Hi esquifit, thanks for pointing these out. I'll see what I can do.