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Google News not so stylish

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RNiK Scriptwright

I don't like that much how this script styles Google News. Standard layout looks "cleaner" to me. Take a look:

Google News Standard ==>
Google News Styler ==>

Firefox 3.0.10 on Windows XP Pro SP3.

Mr. Milk Script's Author

Well, results here are not full width, neither the colors are fully applied but they are NOT in any way messy like yours. I believe the aligment problems are being caused by a "conflict" between Styler and other user scripts you're using. I suggest you to disable the other ones and do the test again.

Meanwhile, I'll be working on the colors and width stuff.

RNiK Scriptwright


I've just created a fresh new Firefox profile where I've installed Greasemonkey + Google Styler script.

This is what I see visiting ==>
This is what I see searching for "Jackson" on ==
Greasemonkey settings ==>

Am I missing something?