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Compatability with GMail Compactor

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Pavel_Gutin Scriptwright

Hey, i love your script, but it doesn't work with my GMail Compactor script. Mainly it's because i am hiding the inbox link, and your script relies on it being there.
Can i suggest you try accessing the read count by the element id? It should work just fine.
This would make a lot of people happy, because that was the main complaint about my script.

Peter Wooley Script's Author

That sounds entirely do-able. After countless inspections of the Gmail DOM, I've yet to find a stable id (they were changing a lot during the v1 to v2 UI migration), but I see that you hooked onto :r2, in the navPaneElement() and it appears to be have been working for the life of your script. I'll get a test version together some time today or tomorrow, then either push the changes or let you know how it goes.

Thanks for the tip, and I'm happy to get these scripts working together.


Pavel_Gutin Scriptwright

For my script, since i am moving so many elements around, IDs are the only thing i can rely on.
Thank you for taking the time to ensure the compatibility.

The other big complaint for me was ubiquity, so i'll have to get it to play nice with it as well.

EDIT: odd, looking at ubiquity here's the source they got
var composeMail = sidebar.getElementsByTagName("span")[0];
//var composeMail = sidebar.getElementById(":qw");

I guess most people don't trust IDs for some reason. At least i know how to fix it myself :)

Peter Wooley Script's Author

After a little bit of testing, it appears the ID is quite safe. Honestly, the Gmail DOM used to be so screwed up. It's nice to know the IDs are useful now. :)

I've updated the script and added a note at the top of the description. Feel free to let your script users know!

donaldScripts User

Graet work.
This script works with "GMail Compactor" correct.

bl_nk Scriptwright

Oh please re-add the compatibility, I love both of those scripts!

Peter Wooley Script's Author

As the author of Gmail Compactor, Pavel_Gutin, is now back from vacation, I will await his next update and start looking at compatibility options when its live. Thanks for your enthusiasm!


Peter Wooley Script's Author

Support for Gmail Compactor is now back in the script. Go ahead and grab the latest version (3.0.7) and give it a whirl!