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Jan Dahl Scriptwright

I've tried to get it to work with the following bit:
} else if (document.domain.endsWith("de")) {
currencyFrom = "EUR";
currencyFromSymbol = "EUR";
currencyFromSymbolForRegex = "EUR";

The only problem is that the evaluated 100 times greater in the local currency than the real result. Any clues?

Ori Avtalion Script's Author

Hi John.

The issue is probably using a comma as the floating point sign instead of a period. I'll try and address that.

Ori Avtalion Script's Author

John, the script has been updated to support :)

monkyponky User

Hi Ori,
I installed your Script today in FF20 but the prices shown for are (still? again?) a hundred times bigger than the real price.

Any Idea to this?