This isn't working for me...

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brandobean User

Alas, this isn't working for me. I'm still seeing a lot of quizzes, even though they appear to match your query string. Case in point, I'm currently seeing the following with the script enabled:

"Dani just took the "What Rank are you in the army" quiz and the result is Colonel.

Almost Perfect I could not ask for a better Colonel to serve under me
6 minutes ago · Comment · LikeUnlike · Take this Quiz · Compare yourself to Dani"

GRRR... is there no script on this site that actually works in hiding quizzes? I would pay money for this!

myqwong Script's Author

Hi Brandobean, thanks for trying this script!

Can you help me by pasting any "Error" type messages from your Firefox's Error Console in this discussion when the Facebook home page loads ?

Also, can you tell me what other scripts are you running on & what Firefox/Greasemonkey versions are you using now ?

I had been testing it on my Firefox(3.0.8)/Greasemonkey(0.8.20090123.1) for the past week & it was ok.

Maybe it's something i missed, i'll try to fix it with more info :)

brandobean User

I will let you know for sure what I see, but in the meantime I'm running: FF 3.0.8, w/ Greasemonkey 0.8.20090123.1 on Windows Vista 64-bit. (not running FF 64-bit though as it's still beta and known to break most plug-ins)

myqwong Script's Author

Hi Brandobean,

Maybe you can try using the previous version which also does the same thing:

brandobean User

Got it to repro. Take a gander here where you can see the quiz still showing.

There is also some script or plugin that is causing FB to slow down a LOT while I use it in Firefox. Doesn't seem to happen on any other website though. Yours is the only Greasemonkey script I'm running on that site.

Any ideas?

myqwong Script's Author

Hi Brandobean,

I really like to help you but i think the error's coming from another installed add-on instead of this greasemonkey script or greasemonkey add-on.

The error's coming from an add-on script called "gadrm.js" (chrome://gadrm/content/gadrm.js).

Do you have an add-on that's named like "gadrm" ?

I've tried to google what add-on or plugin "gadrm.js" or "GadrmGeneralWrapper" might belong to but there's not much info except for this thread

which says something about some google ads being blocked & causing an object called GadrmGeneralWrapper to be undefined & the author disabled his ad blocker & his script worked.

I think there's nothing much I can do at this point.

If you really like to, you can disable all your add-ons except Greasemonkey to see if this script works, then enable your add-ons one by one to see which one is failing.

Or, you can install greasemonkey & this script on a new & bare firefox installation on another computer & login to your facebook to see if it really works... :(

brandobean User

That add on was "Ad-Blocker" which purports to block most ads. For some reason, it seemed to be interfering with your script. No idea why. I disabled it and now it appears to be hiding quizzes as far as I can tell. Hmmm. I like the ad block features though... I wonder if I can make an exclusion for Facebook and see if your script works then. Good to know!

myqwong Script's Author

Hmm I use Adblock Plus...

Glad that it's resolved. Hope my script's of use to you! :)

brandobean User

Hmmm, it's not that simple, as it's not working again and I am no longer running ad Blocker. I'm not running adblock plus either. I DID however, upgrade to Firefox 3.0.10 as a recommended auto-upgrade this morning. There's also a chance FB changed something under the hood.

Take a look at my error console which is now going nuts. It's here:

myqwong Script's Author

The script's working fine over my side so far.

I'll update it if there're any bugs reported or if it's broken by any new Facebook changes.

brandobean User

I've attached two more screenshots of my error console:
1: Facebook homepage in Firefox 3.10 running clean with no extensions ->
2: Facebook homepage in FF 3.10 running Greasemonkey w/ your script ->

Any ideas? I simply can't recommend this script if it doesn't work. I literally have 20-25 friends all counting on my to empower them to remove quizzes from their feeds. I'm the resident dork! Thanks for your work.

myqwong Script's Author

Ah ha! I had updated my script a week ago to correct the "invalid assignment left-hand side" error.

Please install the latest script (1.0.4) & tell me if it's ok. :)