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Broken After Twitter Updates

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typo User

It seems the recent changes twitter have made have caused the script to stop working. Any ideas what the problem could be?

cfurrow Script's Author

Thanks for the heads up typo. I'm sorry for not replying earlier, as I saw your post a few days ago, but just ran out of time each day to reply to it.

I'll have to look into this and see what changes they have made that would have affected my script. As soon as I figure it out, I'll post a quick update. I hope I can get to it this weekend, so, cross your fingers for me ;)

Thanks again for the info.

typo User

Hey Carl, no problem. It seems the recent updates caused a few twitter scripts to break. Using twitter from the web page without the script seems like a severe downgrade so I'm looking forward to the update.

Nice work with the script btw.

typo User

Just wandered if you'd had a chance to look into the problem yet? Not that I'm pushing but you notice how much you used to use it when it doesn't work anymore. ;)

cfurrow Script's Author

Hey typo, I decided to try and see if I could do a quick-fix of the script to make it work while I waited to find more time to *really* fix the script. I cleared out all my cache, uninstalled Twitter Fantastico, then reinstalled it, loaded up and to my surprise, the script was working fine. Irritating, I know.

I could do inline replies, retweets, and it would load the next page automatically when I scrolled to the bottom of the page. I was not getting any errors thrown.

I know this is not the reply you wanted to hear, because now I fear there's something worse happening, and in some cases it may be machine-specific. I still plan on rewriting the script from the ground-up, to clean up the codebase and add a couple of cool new features, but, again, I'll have to apologize and say I've just been in a losing battle with the time-fairy.

So, my suggestion, which I'm sure you've probably already tried:
-Clear Firefox's cache (Tools->Clear Private Data->Clear Private Data Now)
-Uninstall Twitter Fantastico (Right-Click the Greasemonkey icon, Click Manage User Scripts, highlight Twitter Fantastico and then click the 'Uninstall' button)
-Re-download Twitter Fantastico from
-Go to and see if anything has changed and if the script is somehow working again

Maybe, just maybe, they changed some of their HTML again today and it somehow magically made this script work again for the time being. It's a head-scratcher right now :-/

typo User

Hey Carl, well I'll be damned, an uninstall/reinstall and retry _does_ get it working again. Very strange. As you said it may be that they changed their code again which got the script working again. Either way I'm happy that it works again for the time being.

What's the reason for the planned rebuild of the script? Is it for functionality improvements, a code cleanup, or stability with Twitter?

mixpix405 Scriptwright

I just wanted to throw my hat in the ring and say that I can't get it to work even after a cache-clear and a uninstall/reinstall...

I guess it could have something to do with the fact that I didnt even have the script installed BEFORE the updates? Maybe?

Either way, it looks like and AWESOME script, and I can't wait for an update that fixes it.

Thanks in advance!

Simon Ives User

Quick reply with mixpix405. The script isn't working on a fresh OS install today - installed script before visiting any other page(s) and nothing.