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By redphx Last update Feb 24, 2009 — Installed 179,240 times.

Not Working

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knot User

For me it was working fine until a couple of days ago but now it does not.

Buggy Scriptwright

Same for me :(

Marvel User

It stopped working for me a couple or so days back as well. Nice to know it was not just my system. Hopefully it will get updated.

knot User

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later

Hamid_PaK [P... Scriptwright

Yes it is, and doesn't work now!.
It's gotta check and then wrote Check: 0/0!

Hamid_PaK [P... Scriptwright

Anybody has check.php? I wanna use it on my LocalHost :D

John Lincoln... User

Not working here either. Wish we did have the check.php.

NoLimitz Scriptwright

Yeah, me too... :(

Defiant91 Scriptwright

So when it becomes April, the site should be up again. Right?

d3p4rt3d User

I just recently installed AIO and it worked great for about a week but now it does not. I checked and there are no new updates available.

Defiant91 Scriptwright

It's not working for me again as well. It's kinda upsetting since it is so great. I run a website with infinite bandwidth if you want me to host the files.

syst3merror User

you might want to check out: if you are having problems with this one. I switched and it works much better because it gets info from the actual host sites instead of the makers website.

MaelstromxXx User

Not working again!!! Sad but true... i love this script... And the Rapidshare Links Checkers is not the same thing... AIO is much betters....

John Lincoln... User

Looks like the website is gone:

benygh User

it stocks in this situation ...