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'You don't have any of that item!'

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kar98 User

I have like 5 healing potions but it's not healing rohane by itself, so I'm like do it manually.
I read the 'To be sure this works...'
But I don't know how exactly I'm supposed to fix it.

Phee92 User

In the url bar, type in "about:config" without the apostrophes.

Type this in the filter box:
greasemonkey.scriptvals. II Trainer.healingItem
(If it's not there, then right click, go to New, and select integer.)

Put/change one of the values on the list given on bottom of the trainer's About page for the potion. For example, if you want to use Vitality Potions, put the value 30041.

kar98 User

I've added the value but it still doesn't work.
I re-installed it and tried again and still doesn't work.
What is going on here?

huzzah User

I couldn't get it to work either with the value. I had to manually edit the script and stick the number for the potion under the part that says

//hittargets 1-4 are reserved for allies
var healingItem = GM_getValue("healingItem",30023)

Songon Scriptwright

I'm so confused. I keep getting an error, how do you manually edit the script?