Gmail Fixed Font Toggle 2

By Sergey Martynov Last update Mar 9, 2009 — Installed 994 times.

Feature available in GMail Labs

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Pascal Thivent User

I love greasemonkey, I was using this script and was happy with it. But synchronizing scripts between computers or browsers is a little bit painful for me (yes I know, this sounds lazy but I'm using multiple computers with multiple OS and multiple browsers).

So, just to let readers know, a "Fixed width font" feature has been made available by Keith C in GMail Labs and you can now "Add an option to the reply dropdown menu that lets you view a message in fixed width font".

I switched to the lab feature some time ago and must admit it works perfectly.

Sergey Martynov Script's Author

Yes, there's a similar feature in Labs, but there are some differences. The main is that Labs version does not save fixed font state, so you have to enable it for every next message. This is not convenient for me, so I keep maintaining my Fixed Font Toggle :)