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Land bank bug?

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picklebro User

I noticed when I am on the properties page and click the Hide/reload it increments my Land Bank amount infinitely (once per click).

Now I'm not sure what "Land bank" is for ( I assume it shows how much money you have tied up in land) but I wanted to call that out.

Thanks for an awesome utility, by the way! :)


Dave Wong Script's Author

I've noticed that too - the hide/reload doesn't really work very well - it's better to just right-click the properties tab and open in a new window - then, after each purchase, to reload that window.

The land bank is - if you have 10 of a given undeveloped space, you can sell all 10 at once to get your initial value back - so if you're waiting and accumulating money to buy office buildings etc, you can buy 10 each of the undeveloped properties to "earn interest". Then, when you have your money for your office buildings, you can sell all the 10x undeveloped properties and get all your initial investment back.

(If you exceed 10, or if you have less than 10, you don't get this return of initial investment, so it shouldn't treat the undeveloped space as land bank in those cases)

Dave Wong Script's Author

I've fixed the land bank bug, and the reload actually calculates correctly now. Thanks for reminding me about the obvious bug so I could get my lazy butt to fix it :)

Dave Wong Script's Author

Since you pointed out that bug, I fixed a related one as well.

Previously, the property that was highlighted as the "max ROI" always stayed highlighted until the page was reloaded. Now, clicking the hide/reload link also updates the highlighted max ROI row.

picklebro User

Thanks! :)