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By N-Dream Last update Aug 25, 2008 — Installed 19,205 times.

Stopped working

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Jeremy Tan User

This script stopped working for me a while ago. The 'n' and 'p' keys still work but the numbers don't appear next to the search entries anymore, and there is no longer a highlighted row. Is it working for others here?

Dan Buhler User

Same here. The numbers are only shown by youtube and google news results.

consolecowboy User

For me it fully works when I am not signed in to my Google account... When I sign in, I can use n, p, e and a, but the numbers are gone, and I cannot use j and k. Any ideas?
Fantastic script, by the way ( if I can get it working fully! )

onguarde User

Only works when signed out.

Brilliant script. It's perfect except that it doesn't work with "search as u type". Like this script here;

Also, the blue boxed highlight feature is very intrusive. It'll be nice if you can turn it off. The built-in "visited link change colour" is enough for this purpose.

The worst "bug" for me is it doesn't work with Tree Style tab's indentation scheme. New tabs are not opened as child tabs! This breaks the whole hierachal web surfing paradigm. Is there some way to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

Gou User

I found a solution of this problem.
Take full responsibility for your actions.

Modify the script at 87th line as follows:
//if(allP[i].className=="g") {
if(allP[i].className=="g" || allP[i].className=="g w0") {

The CSS class name of searched lists is not "g" but "g w0" when you login your Google account.

weinerk User

Thanks Gou!!!
That worked.

weinerk User

How can I get it to work on GoogleChrome?