YouTube "Lights Out"

By Anmar Mansur Last update Jun 22, 2013 — Installed 129,345 times.

Not working on Mac

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Matthew Wills User


Use this script everyday on Windows XP with FF 3.0.5 just fine, but this script lights out the whole page (including video screen) when used on Mac OS X Leopard using FF 3.0.5 and the latest flash players.

Is there a fix for this wonderful script? Anyone have the same issue?

Leinerud Scriptwright

I have the same issue with my Mac and FF 3

Leinerud Scriptwright

Ah, some guy found a solution. Add this to the end of the script:

document.getElementById("watch-player-div").style.position = "relative";
document.getElementById("watch-player-div").style.zIndex = "200";

It worked for me. Great script.