Multiple Windows Live ID's

By jerone Last update Jan 14, 2009 — Installed 3,270 times.

New US Functions

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Adamarla User

Is this working with the new US Functions?
I am not getting anything since updating to the integrated script.
Am I right in thinking I now only need the one additional script?

jerone Script's Author

Sorry Adamarla, I didn't had the time to update this one, but I just toke it. :p

You now only need the US Framework script and you can delete the other 4 scripts you needed before.
Please update both.

There're no new features or bug fixes, just an update to make it work with the latest framework.

Adamarla User

Thanks Jerone

JuampiMix Scriptwright

Hola, sera posible crear uno como este, pero que sea para

an script simil, to (no speack inglish)